Dr Tertius Venter

Plastic Surgeon

Fulltime Volunteer

Addressing an audience at California University Irvive, US, about his work


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Global Reconstructive Surgery Ootreach



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Global Reconstructive Surgery Outreach


One Heart One Goal To Serve the Poor


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Mossy Foot


Hand Tumour

Ankle Contracture

Lip Cancer

Supporting Doctors and Nurses

To take Reconstructive Surgery Worldwide

Working with and supporting well established organizations such as;

  • Mercy Ships International
  • The Pan African Academy for Christian Surgeons - PAACS
  • Operation Smile
  • And other credible organizations


The work and surgical challenges in Developing Countries are unique and we are involved in different capacities to train trainee surgeons and plastic surgeons for the work under these circumstances.

1. Plastic Surgeons and trainee plastic surgeons work with us on the Africa Mercy (Mercy Ships) from countries like the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Denmark, United States of America and Australia.

2. With PAACS we are involved in teaching African general surgeons about the principles of plastic and reconstructive surgery problems that they might encounter and where no plastic surgeons are available.

3. An online PAACS text book on plastic surgery aimed at surgeons working in the deveopling world faced with plastic and reconstructive surgery problems is available for free download on www.paacs.net. I was privileged to contribute 8 chapters to this book.

4. With Operation Smile involved in the training of local doctors in a program at Butaro Hospital, Rwanda and Jimma University, Ethiopia



  • To serve the poorest of the poor
  • In countries where up to 50% of the population has no access to any medical care
  • Much needed surgery offered free to restore dignity, self worth and physical function
  • A Call to Compassionate Action in a Hurting World
  • We need your support

Training of Doctors, Nurses and Surgeons in and for the Developing World

Great emphysis on training of local trainees as well as trainees from abroad in the unique circumstances in the developing world


  • Formal lectures
  • Clinical ward rounds
  • Opertaing Room instruction
  • Availability of online information eg the PAACS Text Book on Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery