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Techniques have been developed to treat  patients surgically:

The Unilateral Temporal Artery Scalping Flap  or ‘The Africa Flap’ for Nose and Midface Reconstruction

Advancement Flaps for Burn Contractures over Flexor Surfaces to prevent recurrence

Surgical Management of Plexiform  Neurofibromatosis

The above techniques have been presented at  Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery  conferenrences  in     Ireland /

UK and South Africa as well as at universities in the United States.

Scientific Developement

Global Reconstructive

Surgery Outreach

The developement of new surgical techniques are essential to the effective treament of patients in Developing Countries due to the unique conditions and at times very advanced disease

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Training of Doctors, Nurses and Surgeons in in the Developing World


Principles of Reconstructive Surgery in Africa   

Louis Carter.    

Dr Tertius HJ Venter - one of the  co-authors  

An Online PAACS Publication April 2013

Pages 628

Available on the internet at no charge.